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Targets (Coating Material)

Target is the coating material to coat hardened surface on tools and glossy surface on accessories and living stuffs by means of dry coating such as Ion plating and Sputtering. The range of its application is limited by the limitation of materials. But we have developed sintered alloy and compound target to help develop various technologies in vacuum relevant industries, and moreover we are promoting exports even to Japan, which possess state-of-the-art coating technology.

The alloy target which can realize various color and have excellent physical and chemical characteristics are now being used commonly in advanced countries. The interest in target in domestic market is being increased more and more. The application areas of target are the coating of cutting tools, parts for cars, airplanes, precision machinery, living stuffs, accessories, computer parts, parts of semiconductor and so on. We produce sinter targets as well as cast targets, so among various and high-quality targets made of Zr, Ti, Cr, Mn, Ni, Si, and their alloy and compound customers can select their target according to their use. For the customer to want targets for a special use, custom-tailored targets (components, shape, size, etc.) can be provided optimized.

Ti., Zr, Ta-N, Ta-Si, ZrAl, TiZr, Ta-Al, Ta-Cr-Si-Al,

TiB2, SiO2, Ni-Fe-Mo, Mn-Zn, Ti3Al, TiAl3, Ta2N,

TaN, Si, Cr, Ta,  Ti /TiN,Tic, Ta, Ni, Ta-W, TiAl, Zr Al3 Etc.