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Welcome to Probiztech Co. Ltd.

Group of Companies Dealing in Metal Powders, Alloy Powders,

Targets & Turnkey Technology Projects.

Our Products

Titanium Powders

Zirconium Powders

Atomized Magnesium Powder

Titanium Powders

Titanium Metal Powders produced by HDH (Hydride Dehydride Method)

Zirconium Powders

Our Zirconium Metal Powders are produced by HDH Method in various particle sizes and specifications. Click Below to learn more.

Atomized Magnesium Powders

Spherical or Atomized Magnesium Metal powders with different mesh sizes, purity for various Industrial Applications.

Testing Lab:

Malvern Sizing Instruments are used for particle size distribution analysis.

Let’s work together for successful future

We can also offer customer’s required specification of our each product and provide R&D services. Further more we also provide exclusive technologies on turnkey bases for Powder Manufacturing Systems and etc.